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Tips for frugal living (for beginners!)

Since we got married in April, my husband and I have been focused on knocking down debt. We started with about 90k (between a car and all of my student loans) and six months later are down to about 62k. No car debt, no credit card debt, and only student loans remaining. During this often stressful journey, I have found …

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Couponing Tips for Beginners

If you are anything like me, seeing extreme couponers who make massive hauls of household goods while spending very little, is both awe inspiring and overwhelming. I do like a good sale, and try to save money wherever possible. That being said, I am definitely not an “extreme” couponer by any stretch, more like a coupon dabbler (is that a …

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Making a rental house a home

We have been in our rental for about eight months now and it is FINALLY starting to feel like a home. When we moved in December, life was chaotic. Husband started a new job, I was working full time and finishing my master’s degree all while planning an out of state wedding. That being said– other than unpacking and hanging a few pictures, nesting was not high on the priorities.

Now enter the post wedding lull… I am finally starting to get our house put together and make it “ours”. Anyone who has ever lived in a rental knows this can be a challenge. Beige/tan walls, builder grade everything, and very little personality. Even though this isn’t our “forever” home, I want it to feel lived in, and cozy. So, here are some of my tips on making a rental a home.


For reals, I use these in EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM. Adding artwork, photos, and wall decor immediately gives a house a “lived in” feel. Command strips provide this with ease, AND without the hassle of wall repair when you move out.


I love pops of color, especially with my boring tan walls! A painted a piece in my dining room, giving a hand

me down buffet table new life with a coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint. I also made throw covers for my couch

pillows and  chose a bright rug to add more personality. These offset the blahs of builder grade everything.
Throw pillow covers











This one is important to me. I want my house to feel like it’s “mine”, so little touches of originality are

important. This is found in the paintings in our dining room, hand painted by the husband, the

handmade pillows, quilts from my mom, and just the tiny touches everywhere.













Since we are renting, and Husband has a three year contract at his post doc, we realize we

could be living across the country in a few years and this is not our forever home. This has

curbed me from buying new furniture for the house, knowing that I don’t want to make

long term design choices, only to be in a completely different home type in a few years.

Since we combined households, we had more than enough furniture to go around.

It doesn’t all match perfectly, but it works for us!











I hope these tips are useful to my fellow renters, and help you make your space a home!



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Storage bench recovery DIY

This weekend was both  busy and productive– first week of teaching my Sunday school preschoolers, a practice run for Judge’s Canine Good Citizen test, and of course a little Saturday night DIY! After my husband and brother in law made this amazing headboard a few weeks ago, I have been inspired to finally get the rest of our master bedroom …

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Frugality meets practicality: DIY dog toy edition

So, here’s the thing… I WANT to be super frugal, I really do. I am one of the millions of graduates with a disgusting amount of student loans to match my shiny degrees. My (amazing!) husband basically took on all of this debt when we got married in April (he’s a lucky one with no student loan debt!). Fast forward a few …

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